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Welcome to camp Halfbood Edit

Welcome Campers, to start at camp halfblood you have to be claimed which you can go to if you scroll over camp half blood. But to start there are some rules you must follow

1. You can use ONLY celestial bronze here, unless if you are a child of Hades you can use Stygian iron (please specify that you want it to be Stygian iron in your form, if not it will be automatically Celestial Bronze) and if you want to use imperial Gold then go to Camp Jupiter.

2. Place three Gods in your form that you want it to be (like Zeus, Athena, Hades) you might not get those three but we will try to place you in there, you will only get denied those if the cabins are full. 

3. Swear words (unless it is in Percy jackson books) are unacceptable here, if you are at war with camp Jupiter then provoking words are allowed, but you have to be at war with them not in everyday meetings.

4. Quests are only given by the Olympians, you can place a request for one at the big house, but you must have a) a reason for the quest and b) You must have nothing against you in the past two weeks.

5. If you break any of these rules, you will have a mark put against you, which after two weeks of no rule breaking will be taken off you, and if you continue to break the rules after the mark against you, you will be banned.