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All policies are to be read.
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Quests will begin often as an opportunity in a form of your demigod's godly parent. It's up to the creator to mold the quest and how it comes about. You will put your request in the forum and await for approval. Once approved, you will either go to the Oracle or the Augur, where you will recieve a prophecy. You will then choose other members for your team, often two, but no more than four.

General Rules-Edit

  • ​A quest can contain up to five users, while a mission can contain up to six users. Each user can only have one character per each quest. One character can only be on one quest/mission at a time.
  • If no one contributes for more than a week, the quest/mission will be marked as inactive. An admin will warn the memberes and they have a week to decide. After two weeks, the members will have to decide if the want to cancel the quest/mission.
  • Every user can only be participating in four quests and two missions using different characters.
  • You can only lead one quest at a time.
  • While active on a quest/mission, a user cannot decide to give up their camper for adoption.
  • If a user knows that they will be inactive for a extended period of time, they can give another user permission to roleplay as their character to keep the quest/mission going.
  • No outside information can be accessed during the quest/mission.
  • You must stay in character at all times.