~ Policies~
All policies are to be read.
Enjoy your stay at Camp Olympus

General Rules-Edit

  • Multiple characters my be obtained by participating and promoting levels. If one does decide to create another character, he/she must be available to care for the character.
  • A character must be reasonably named. They must not be offensive, rude or named after well-known media figures. For example, a name such as "Ajsfhahsh Psfhdhd" will not be allowed.
  • Come up with an original information about your character. You can not steal information from other medias including anime, movies, books, plays, TV shows or comics. Also, you can't steal ideas from other users unless they permit you to. *Please refrain from using names mentioned in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series or any spin-off series*

Sorting Forum-Edit

  • Please do not leave your character claim without a signature.
  • Sorting requests may not include garbage or illegible responses
  • Answers are supposed to be BOLDED not underlined, italicized or written under the question.
  • Please note that not every character will be claimed into their favored cohort or godly parent.

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