Name:Alanna Louise Lane


Age: Sixteen

God Parent: Athena, Aphrodite,Demeter

Appearance: Long Black hair and grey eyes

Personality: Not Harsh like Athena, but kind. also wise like Athena

Parent: Tom Lane


Ally (Athena) Met Tom Lane at the Library and Ally went over to ask Tom if he needed her help, and he said yes, so she helped him study for Architecture, and he thanked her.  Tom Ask Ally out to date and Ally (Athena) Say yes and they went to a movies and after, the Movies was over, Ally say goodbye.

It was First love in the Sight, Ally (Athena) Couldn't get pregnant, because she is Virgin goddess. The next day Athena  used her Intellect to give birth to Alana in  her brain. Athena brought Alana to Tom's house and told him that Alana is a Demigod, and give him Alana's Owl Necklace/Owl Sword and she needed to stay with Tom, because Athena can't take Alana with her because Demigods stay with Mortal and be raised by them.

When Alana was 13 years old, She was sleeping, and a snake almost bite her, but  she  grabbed the snake and killed it. When she was 14 years old, sitting down and eating her porridge and a Archnaid went to her and siting next to her and she screamed and stepped on it. When she was 15 years old she was walking to bookstore and a Lamia came by and almost attack her and Alana stab the Lamia with her necklace\Sword. When Alana was 16 year old, She walking alone to library and Mintour grab her and Satyress name Ashley save Alana life and tell Alana that she is a Demigod and take her to home and she pack her bag and her Dad take them to Camp Halfblood.



Okay so before I can accept this I kind of want to go over some points, first is that the history needed to be 3-4 paragraphs long so yeah please make it longer, and another point is how did she get the sword/necklace? And why would Athena tell tom that she is Athena? They wouldnt just fall in love like that, they would have at least gone out on a date if not more before they can say that, and Athena wouldn't have spent a night at Tom's place. And I don't really see the need to put the fact that a spider crawled around on her when she was twelve...


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